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Arlene Rimer

Arlene Rimer

Welcome to Rimer Law.

Rimer Law is based in Toronto, and offers legal services in North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and other areas of Toronto, in the areas of Small Business Law, Entertainment Law, Wills, Mediation, Incorporation and Corporate Commercial.

Service Areas:

Entertainment Law: As professionals serving this area, we can help you in all of your needs.

Mediation Services: As trained mediators, we can help you mediate and resolve your issues with another person, party, or organization.

Incorporations and Corporate Commerical / Small Business: We have been providing these type of services for many years and would be pleased to discuss your needs.

Wills, Last Wills and Testaments:
We can work with you to get your will in order. We can provide a Wills checklist to help you get your information organized and work to identify all the details needed for an effective will that will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Thank you for your patience.