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Rimer Law

Rimer Law provides business and entertainment law services in Toronto, as well as North York, Vaughan and the GTA (Toronto), including the areas of Entertainment Law, Business Law, Wills & Estates and Mediation.

Service Areas:

  • Business Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Technology Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Mediation Services

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Primary Practice Areas

Business Law

We are a one stop shop for your small or medium business for setting up and managing your corporate/commercial legal needs. Learn More

Entertainment Law

We are your go to place for your Entertainment needs for film, television, internet, including the setup and maintaining of your companies, Learn More

Technology Law

We operate to protect you in this modern world with intellectual property, including trademarks, copyright and industrial design. Learn More

Immigration Law

Having us navigate the quagmire of Immigration law, makes it easier and clearer and increases your chances whether you are a refugee claimant, Learn More

Wills and Estates

A will speaks from death, but sometimes that can sneak up on you, so you have to have it ready for your family, so that in their grief things will be clear Learn More

Mediation Services

Two disputing parties can bring their dispute to us and no matter the stage or history, we aim to bring the parties to an agreement of their dispute. Learn More